The Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies (DISCE) research project, of which CUMEDIAE is partner, is organizing two Community Forums in Enschede!

If you live in Enschede and want to contribute to our research, join us on October 10 or 11 to help us understand how creative economies work, and how they can be supported to be inclusive and sustainable in the future.

Topics include:

  • Business models in the creative economy
  • Higher education, skills and (in)equality in creative work
  • Cultural participation
  • Supporting inclusive and sustainable creative economies

The purpose of these events is to bring together a wide range of people and explore issues including:

  • What does Enschede’s creative economy consist of?
  • What is going well?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for the sector and the city?
  • What would help the sector and the communities involved?

Each of the two events will have the same format, and refreshment will be provided. You can sign up to whichever of the sessions suits you best below:

Thursday 10th October 2019

16.30 – 19.30

Saxion Centrum voor Ondernemerschap, Ariënsplein 1, Enschede

Please register here

Friday 11th October 2019

9.00 – 13.00

Saxion Centrum voor Ondernemerschap, Ariënsplein 1, Enschede

Please register here

We want to reach a broad range of potential participants, with the intention of taking account of the diversity of perspectives and positions held across Enschede. So join us and share this invitation with anyone who might be interested in participating!

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CUMEDIAE is proud to support Culture Action Europe in its public campaign urging the President Ursula von der Leyen to include Culture in the title of the new Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

CAE has launched an online petition to support the call on transforming Ms Gabriel’s title into “Innovation, Youth and Culture” and calls on a specific mandate to foster dialogue and synchronize actions with other Commissioners dealing with culture-related matters.

Read the letter below and sign the petition here:

Dear Ms. President-elect,

We congratulate you on finalising the challenging task of forming the future European Commission.

Culture is grouped together with youth, research, innovation, sport and education in the portfolio of Ms Gabriel. We are pleased to see culture embedded in this range of areas which are vital for the future of the European Union. However, we are deeply concerned with the downgrading of the position of culture within the Commissioner’s portfolio, primarily reflected in the fact that “Culture” is missing from her title.

Culture is a distinct and vast component of the European unity, which is essential for building a shared prosperous future for all European citizens. The tremendous role of culture in European integration has been consistently recognised by the European institutions in the past few years, creating an unprecedented opportunity to seize its potential for building a strong and united European community. Now, with culture missing from the official title of the designated commissioner, we have serious doubts as to whether it will remain at the appropriate level of recognition.

Undoubtedly, all cultural and creative sectors are powerful drivers of innovation; moreover, culture is closely linked with the youth policies. However, it remains an autonomous domain of enormous dimensions bringing its own contribution to the construction of our societies.

Therefore, on behalf of cultural organisations co-signing this letter, we call for changing Ms Gabriel’s title into “Innovation, Youth and Culture”. 

Considering culture’s immense role in very different fields of sustainable development, we appreciate that you have embedded some cultural aspects in the portfolios of other Commissioners. To reinforce the new structure, we call for a specific mandate to foster dialogue and synchronise actions among other commissioners and vice-presidents dealing with culture-related matters. 

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The Creative Europe funded project Parallel Traces, of which CUMEDIAE is a partner, is presenting its first collective exhibition “Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage”. The event will take place on October 1st, 2019 in the Museum of Jewish History of Girona (Carrer de la Força, 8, Girona).

Produced by the Parallel Traces consortium, the exhibition brings together the works of five artists from Wroclaw, Sighet, Belgrade, Tbilisi and Girona, who realised different photographic series representing the jewish heritage in the urban context of the participating cities.
It will also feature the artworks of the winners of the photography and audiovisual contest of the Parallel Traces project, four artists who were selected among the best submission to the competition.


19:00 Round table with the intervention of the following artists of the project:

  • Rosa Juanco (Parallel Traces artistic director)
  • Nikola Radic (Belgrade)
  • Israel Ariño (Girona)
  • Josep Maria Oliveras (Girona- 1st prize: Category From Now: Presence at Present)

20:15 Official opening of the exhibition by the authorities

20:30 Cocktail

Join us!

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On September 10th CUMEDIAE was hosted by Creatis Brussels to present the free-access platform Culture Agora to an audience of creative professionals and start ups.

Creatis is the first community for creatives and organisations that combines culture and innovation across multiple disciplines. This incubator, first born in Paris, supports Belgian and international entrepreneurs who want to set up in Brussels, accelerating the development of companies in the CCI sector.

The day was the occasion to get to know the organisations supported by Creatis, and to introduce the potentiality of the platform to the residents. Culture agora creates visibility and encourages connectivity for creatives and organisations within the CCIs, and being one of the largest space for updated information and opportunities on what’s happening in the sector in Europe is therefore the perfect tool for everybody working in the cultural and creative field.

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The 2019 ENCATC Congress is approaching, and we are proud to announce our Chairman Ignasi Guardans as one of the main speakers. He will be joined by experts coming from Belgium, France, Japan, Serbia, Spain, and the United States, to discuss practices and innovations in the cultural sector with a focus on diversity and sustainability.

The ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy will take place in Dijon, France on 2-5 October 2019, under the theme “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education”. Participants will have the possibility to learn, debate and reflect on the practical meanings of diversity in the cultural and creative sector, and investigate how its different connotations are contributing to the sustainability discourse in the field. The event will also explore how education and training programmes can be rethought on the basis of practical examples and case studies showing the different connotations of cultural diversity and its impact on sustainability.

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My experience as an intern with Cumediae started in early May and ended by the end of July (2019). Since my education is related to the study of languages, the International Society, communication and culture, my tasks were related to all of these topics. I was in charge of the monitoring process (to search for new projects, call for papers and proposals), but also of the creation and writing of the newsletters (for Cumediae and the rest of the projects they are involved with, including the translation of the SouthMed WiA newsletter) and I also manage to upload content and update the Culture Agora website as much as possible, with contents that were relevant and fitting for the categories. I also was in charge of organizing and creating the activities for Interarts’ booth at the EDDs, but also of the general and logistical plan and the materials and other stuff necessary for the event. I also wrote a final report and a guide for future interns about the whole event.

I worked on many things and projects while at Cumediae (probably even some I left out over here…) and, thanks to my colleagues, I always had a good time, learn as much as possible and had someone ready to guide me when I needed to. It was an intense learning experience that definitely adds up to my cv.

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