CUMEDIAE’s Director of Strategy & Projects Stefanie Thomas Gilbert- Roberts contributed as co-consultant to the development of the Kingston: Networks of Culture (KNOC) project, which concluded its external stakeholder engagement sessions on March 31, in Kingston, Jamaica. 

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K:NOC is an EU-funded activity of the Cultural Relations Platform, aiming to map the network of cultural and creative industries in Kingston. It developed in a series of events, the “Connect the Dots” Events, conducted in support of the research to further engage and consult with a cross section of Jamaican and EU stakeholders, which we invite you to re-watch on the project’s youtube channel

The first event was held on February 22, entitled “The EU | JA Cultural & Creative Stakeholders Exchange” and covered the topic of sustainable creative cities, considering the enabling environment for EU/Jamaica collaborations and highlighting best practices in infrastructure development, financing, policy, and artist development considerations.

It was followed by a second Forum on March 11, the CreaFin Forum, addressing financial considerations for a sustainable creative music city

The concluding event , EU | High Key Link Up“, took place over 3 days, March 28-31, and consisted of 2 days of public hybrid sessions and 2 days of private hybrid sessions, involving an esteemed panel of Jamaican and EU policy makers, cultural experts, CCI ecosystem stakeholders in much welcomed discussions about the status of the Artist, the Industry, Policy and Infrastructure. 

We remind again that all events are available here for viewing!

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