CUMEDIAE is based in Brussels. However, it supports a large part of its international activity in a growing network of respected and experienced culture professionals, extended throughout the Continent. They are the strength of this agency, working with us mostly on a project basis. After a process of evaluation which includes full disclosure on their side, CUMEDIAE represents their work to those who decide to put their trust on us. It is CUMEDIAE who manages the financial aspects related to any projects under its responsibility.

Together with its network, CUMEDIAE develops and improves its professionalism and its international perspective, thanks to the high quality standards, the commitment and the involvement of these qualified experts of the sector.

CUMEDIAE also seeks contact with other professionals, to exchange information with them on current culture-related issues and start new partnerships and/or projects, in order to further strengthen the network and reinforce its strategic and crucial role of promoting the cultural and creative sector across Europe.

Here is a selection of members of our External Professional Network:

Rebecca Amsellem France PhD in International Cultural Economics
Gloria De Gaspar Switzerland Modern & Contemporary Art Curator
Mireia Domèmech Germany Communications & Marketing Manager
Axel Donzelli Belgium/Italy Digital Communication
Mariana Idiarte Netherlands Business Consultant for the Creative Industries
Anne Kurzweg Spain Cultural Management
David Marquez Spain Performing Arts
Paula Osés Belgium EU Projects
Maggie Xu Wen Belgium Arts & Creative Industries
Shain Shapiro United Kingdom Music Industry/Cultural Export Consultancy
Roberta Talarico Italy Cultural Policy/Digitization/Education