CUMEDIAE is proud to present Art Plus Shanghai International Fair 2022, hosted in Pudong District, Shanghai on April 8th, 2022.  


With a vast variety of overseas art resources, Art Shanghai is the official and most celebrated Art Fair of the World Expo. The variability of the presented artworks reaches from classic to contemporary to urban and editioned art. In its previous editions, the fair attracted more than 7000 VIP collectors from various countries around the world, as well as giving the chance of witnessing more than 50000 art collectibles at the site, with over 200 participants from prominent art institutions. Art Plus Shanghai cooperates with over 500 overseas media to achieve multi dimensional publicity effects. 

Next to the on-site exhibition, an offline space provides support for increased online traffic. The live broadcast function of the Art Plus Shanghai Online Exhibition Platform provides tremendous opportunities to overseas exhibitors, who can display artworks, artist translation, sales information, and other services through the online live broadcast function. To date, more than 40 exhibitions have been held on the online platform.

Online and on-site sales through Art Shanghai open up prospects for cooperative enterprises, such as overseas cooperation to find domestic planning or to achieve cross-border cooperation. 


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Find more information on Art Plus Shanghai’s website