One of our main aim as CUMEDIAE is to promote culture in Europe in order to achieve more tolerance and better coexistence among citizens. For this reason we are very happy with the success of our project Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage and of its first event in Girona!

The exhibition was held on October 1st, 2019 at the Museum of Jewish History of Girona, and saw the participation of the Project’s Artistic Director Rosa Juanco, together with some of our Guest Artists.

We want to thank all the people and partners who made it possible for the event to be a success. Besides, we would like to recognize the fantastic works of our speakersĀ and their contribution for an inspiring round table, where we were able to learn and discuss on this fascinating and huge issue that is Jewish heritage in Europe.

if you missed the exhibition, check out here the pictures of the event!