CUMEDIAE is really delighted that, despite the pandemic, its project The Parallel Traces, aimed at rediscovering the cities’ Jewish cultural heritage, is still going on!

Indeed, in November the Parallel Traces exhibition will be held in Sighet, Romania. However, this physical exhibition will have a limited-access on reservation-only basis, given the current covid-19 measures. On the other hand, in order to enable everyone to join the event, there will be an all-access digital tour in the online launch event, which will be held on November the 15th.

The online program will be moderated by Victor Sorenssen, Director of AEPJ, with a guided tour of the exhibition with Alina Marincean, program coordinator of Tarbut Foundation. Guest Artists Daniel Grunfeld from Romania and Israel Ariño from Spain will be featured and will engage with the Project’s Artistic Director Rosa Juanco in a virtual conversation about their artistic process.

Do you want to join the Sunday premiere? Click here!