On November 7th, the exhibition of Parallel Traces in Wroclaw, Poland, was inaugurated in the fantastic space of the White Stork synagogue, center of the Bente Kahan Foundation.


CUMEDIAE, as one of the Parallel Traces partners, was represented by Rosa Juanco, Artistic Director of the project. Alongside her, the artists Daniel Grunfeld and Agnieszka Traczewska (Guest Artists), Ewa Rossano and Witja Frank (winners of the Parallel Traces contest) took part in the roundtable discussion, presented before a large and enthusiastic audience by Bente Kahan, CEO of the Bente Kahan Foundation.

“The discussion covered different topics as the interpretation of heritage, the connection between Jewish heritage and audio-visual art, and above all, of the traces, here and there. A dialogue between artists, between cities, between different ways of working and understanding Jewish heritage today through a new lens. The artists have shared their approach in their work, creating a revealing and significant dialogue within the framework of Parallel Traces.” comments the Director of AEPJ, Project Leader of the project.

Thanks to the partner’s dedication, this project travels from city to city, with new forms, transforming itself, becoming a unique production, and above all, offering new content and reflections.