CUMEDIAE is happy to announce that yesterday evening, Parallel Traces successfully inaugurated the new exhibition in the city of Belgrade, Serbia, organised with the support of Tačka komunikacijeParallel Traces’s partner from Belgrade.
The exhibition is hosted by Kuća legata, the Heritage House Museum of Belgrade, where the photographic and audiovisual works of the Guest Artists and of the Parallel Traces competition winners will be displayed until February 20th. Through these artworks, the exhibition aims at rediscovering traces of Jewish cultural heritage in European urban landscape, in order to raise awareness about the contribution of Jewish history and heritage in Europe today.
CUMEDIAE, as one of the partners of Parallel Traces, was represented by Rosa Juanco, Artistic Director of the project, who took part at the roundtable discussion together with Witja Frank (Parallel Traces Contest winner), Dina Oganova (DIKARKA) (Guest Artist from Tbilisi) and Nikola Radić Lucati (Guest Artist from Belgrade).
We are proud to see that the partnership among different cultural actors of Europe is facilitating the transnational circulation of original artworks and is creating opportunities to increase artistic mobility and to show traces of European Jewish Heritage Urban spaces.