Looking back, it seems like only yesterday when we arrived, and now we realise its been three months and we are going to leave. We have lived incredible experiences together, both outside and inside of CUMEDIAE, but although destiny brought us together in Brussels, we also have learnt different lessons.

In my case (Mariano), I could summarise my experience with a famous sentence (as my colleagues in CUMEDIAE discovered, that is my favorite way to express myself), “Walker, there is no path, you create the path walking“. I started this road alone and I have been discovering many people, right now I can call them friends. Of course, I have acquired technical knowledge in CUMEDIAE, but for me it is also important to learn how you can help a “ally” when he/she is very busy, teamwork, face to the adversities, good tolerance of frustration, in general, being a good person and try to always give your best. This is something that I have been able to do in CUMEDIAE, for this reason we have created a good family, and because of that I am proud of myself by saying: my experience here was worth it.

For me (Rosario) the time went by too fast. At first, I didn’t come with too many expectations, but this experience far surpassed them. I met a lot of nice people, now I have many international good friends, I lived very good moments and I visited incredible places. Of course, I improved my English and I started learning French. I also learnt how the people work here, acquiring new and different skills. Today I feel super integrated, like one Belgian.

Finally, this unforgettable experience has come to an end. But this is just the beginning of another great phase of our life where we will be able to develop and use our knowledge acquired thanks to CUMEDIAE.