CUMEDIAE, Culture and Media Agency Europe,  now represents innovative Chinese artist Atman One in Europe and is introducing his creations to audiences in Europe.

Atman One, is a visual and performance artist whose mission not only enhances the mutual understanding between East and West by blending contemporary elements into traditional oriental arts but is an artist who is a thought leader in the emerging post-80’s native Chinese artistic discourse.

the passion with black ink

At first glance, the artist ‘Atman One’ may seem to be undefinable. However, the elements of his art and performance can be segmented and understood as part of a general ethos. Taking “All Is One” and “Linking Past and Future ” as his main principles, over the past years, Atman One integrates his exploration of other art forms such as meditation, music, performance, installation, filming, costume, architecture, and archaeology into his presentations.

In his work, he emphasises the importance of harmony, as he explained in one of his interviews: “The true spirit in the performance is harmony.”


CUMEDIAE understands the value of Intercultural Understanding

CUMEDIAE’s representation of Atman One highlights a new initiative that underlines the organisation’s commitment to stimulating creativity and creative industries in all their expressions, so that they may unleash their social and human potential and be the driver for innovation and growth.  You can see a presentation of the artist on CUMEDIAE’s Vimeo account. Links to a small selection of his works have been included below:

Live performance and interview with Atman One:

Atman One’s creation of the new art work: