As European elections approach, CUMEDIAE supports Culture Action Europe in its appeal to foster a stronger recognition of the cultural dimension of the European Union and culture’s contribution to Europe, and to encourage voters to make their voice heard by participating in the European Parliamentary elections. 

In these difficult times, where Europe’s core values and democracy are under threat, culture plays a fundamental role in the progress of the EU as a necessary source of unity and a force for cooperation and mutual understanding through its link with the themes of identity, borders, human rights and education. An explicit recognition of the cultural dimension by political parties is necessary to work towards ambitious cultural policies that can promote cultural diversity and cultural rights, freedom of artistic and cultural expression, as well as better welfare regimes and labour conditions for vulnerable cultural workers.

Is then vital that Europeans citizens play their role by expressing their opinion on how they would like to be represented on Europe’s political stage: CAE invites everyone to advocate for political parties to adopt a positive stance on the role of culture in the future of the European Union, aiming at enabling citizens and organizations to take action, as well as building a community and alliances in and outside the cultural sector.

Read the full version of the appeal here.

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