Our Chairman and co-founder Ignasi Guardans will participate to a symposium organised by Public Policy Exchange on “Modernising Cultural and Creative Industries within the EU: Discussing the New European Agenda for Culture” on February 6, 2019. The conference, hosted by Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels, will evaluate recent initiatives and policy developments in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries from the EU to tackle the emerging challenges to the sector. Together with the others key speakers, Dr Guardans will exchange views, perspectives and good practices on the possible strategies to tackle these challenges, and will debate the role of CCIs in national politics, education, international communication and social inclusion. The symposium will be structured in three main areas:

  1. Analysing the European legislative framework: How to optimise available funding and ensure a comprehensive international cultural representation.
  2. Strengthening the Cultural and Creative Sectors Across the Member States: How to reduce the market fragmentation, secure working conditions for culture professionals and sharing good practices in national and local levels.
  3. Modernising and Innovating Cultural and Creative Sectors in a Digital Era: Discussing the changes in author rights management and reinforcing technological and business skills needed in CCI sectors.

Each session will be followed by a round of discussions, in which delegates will have the chance to rethink the subject by providing different viewpoints and ideas.
The symposium is addressed to all the creative and cultural players, from publisher and broadcaster associations to project managers.
If you are interested, you can register your place here.

Event Brochure