Our former intern Karina Jull (25), a Danish student from Herning, majoring in Digital Concept Development, shares a letter about her experience at CUMEDIAE. If you are also interested in opportunities in the field of culture and the arts, check out our internship program!

My Brussels

Happiness. You know, the kind of happiness you feel in your stomach, your chest and your smile – the one you feel all the way to your bones and the one who makes you want to shake your hands because they feel quivering. The happiness that almost make you feel like you’re in love.

Yes, THAT happiness.

That happiness has been my travelling companion while I was listening to music at BOZAR, feeling the arts in the streets and the museums, dancing in my apartment while cooking, having a beer with colleagues, celebrating urban culture at Mont des Arts, cheering for my favourite in a dance battle on a regular Sunday and listening to how artists relate their thoughts and feelings behind their artwork.

My schedule has been filled since I arrived in Brussels, and I’ve loved every moment.

To introduce myself: My name is Karina Jull. I’m 25 years old I’ve been a Marketing intern at CUMEDIAE for three months. I’m from Denmark and it’s my first time living abroad. I study Digital Concept Development and the internship is the last step before my bachelor is formulated.

I have been welcomed in the best way possible, both by my roommates and by my colleagues here at CUMEDIAE.

When I started here, I was told that what I’d gain from this stay was my own responsibility. I could do my job, go home, watch a movie and go to sleep. Or I could do my job and ask questions, say yes, go out and explore.

This is what I’ve had in mind this stay; why would I come here if I didn’t want to meet new people, learn about Brussels and have some fun?

I’m privileged; I’ve worked in an office where we invite, encourage and share the interesting events nearby. My colleagues took me by the hand, showed me where to find interesting areas, where the best parks are and been willing to answer all of the stupid questions I’ve had in the beginning when I didn’t know what they meant when they said “Bois de la Cambre” or “Mont des Arts”.

Working in a multicultural office has been incredible – the discussion never stops and I believe, I would have never learned numerous things about other countries and cultures than by being surrounded by them every day. We discuss the news in every country, ask about food, music, festivals and sing Disney songs in each of our own languages (I mean, that’s an important part of culture, right?).

Having roommates and colleagues welcoming me in this way has made this stay what it is. I’ll admit I was nervous to start working abroad. One thing is what I’ve learned during my education, another is how labour market is in safe little Denmark – but I was suddenly travelling, I was suddenly going to, temporary, make a life somewhere else. Away from my family, my friends, partner and everything I knew.

My concerns were put to shame immediately. I have been challenged in every way, but in the best way. Everything I’ve had my hands on during my internship has been different, hard and interesting. I’ve been given the opportunity to shape my stay and my working areas, I’ve been encouraged to challenge the everyday life here and leave my handprint.

And now I’m here – on the last days of my stay, hoping I left a handprint and somehow wishing I wasn’t leaving. This city is so full of life and culture, it’s welcoming, beautiful and only sleeps on holidays. This workplace is interesting, challenging, warm and fun – full of wonderful people. How can anyone want to leave this?

In my home in Denmark I have a flyer saying “Did you smile today?”. I have been smiling everyday – every single day.

Thank you for these three months. I am happy and tired in the best way possible.

Love, Karina