The May 2019 European elections will take place at a pivotal time for the European Union. After a harsh recession and fiscal consolidation, increasing social and economic disparities have led to a growing political disenchantment and eurosceptic attitudes.

Cultural arguments are being instrumentalised to divide Europeans and polarise societies in an increasingly divided political context. Instead, when political leaders choose to see culture as a source of unity, culture becomes a force for cooperation and mutual understanding.

As Europeans, we have come a long way united in diversity. Now is the time to move forward and assert that European diversity makes us stronger. Culture Action Europe (CAE) appeals to all political forces to approach cultural issues constructively and respectfully within the European elections.

Without the explicit recognition of its cultural dimension, the future of the European Union as a common endeavour is difficult to imagine. CAE encourages all its members, partners and friends to actively participate in the 2019 European elections and in turn to encourage others to celebrate democracy at this crucial time for Europe. We invite all cultural workers and organisations to join us in spreading the message that a united Europe in its diversity is a strong, beautiful project worth fighting for, worth voting for!


CAE’s Appeal