Ignasi Guardans, Chairman and co-founder of CUMEDIAE, visited Shanghai last week, in the context of the opening of the “China Europe International Contemporary Art Global Tour”, an exhibition taking place in the very heart of Shanghai business centre putting together the works of several European artists.

With the efficient support of Maggie Wen Xu, artist and cultural manager, member of our Professional Network living between Shanghai and Brussels, some interviews took place with the purpose of reinforcing the channels for collaboration in projects involving creative industries from China and Europe. Among those, it was particularly relevant to meet Professor Ms. Li Jishan, Executive Dean of the National Institute for Cultural Development in Beijing.

As a result, it was agreed that CUMEDIAE will contribute to a research about the creative industries in Europe, with a focus in Spain, to be published in China together with other contributions on other countries. Other possible lines of collaboration were explored.

We really look forward to reinforcing this line of work and promote further opportunities of culture dialogue and exchange.