At the end of this experience I realise how these last 4 months flew away. Although it was only 4 months, I can swear that it had the same density and intensity of any other year of a life. And I’m not just speaking about the huge stock of skills and information I collected during my time here in CUMEDIAE.  I’m also speaking about the human part. I had the chance to meet lots of people coming from lots of different cultural contexts, with whom I could share ideas and considerations. I practiced English and French and I lived for 4 months in a beautiful city, which is Brussels that surprised me in such a positive way, under every possible point of view. Brussels is not only the warm centre of the Europe, where many kinds of cultures meet, are mixed and live together.  Brussels is the city of young minds, of events, of art, of music, of languages. Brussels is the trait d’union of the entire Europe. Then, thanks to the strategic position, I could visit in a blink of an eye several cities around there, as Bruges, Paris and Anvers.

I’ve never worked in an office before. For me it was the first time. The first day I was totally scared. As you can understand that was my biggest drama, I was totally unused to any kind of computer’s job and I was also totally unable to be sat a whole day! But there is always a first time in life! And that was mine. I quickly discovered the big world that is hidden behind an online platform. That’s not just about putting contents in a sterile way.  Behind the name CUMEDIAE we find a connected tangle of minds who share the same thoughts with a specific strategy. Contrary to all expectations they showed me this reality in a clear and direct way and, at the same time, I became part of the team. Sharing time with other colleagues meant spending my time with people who could understand my day mood just having a quick look at my face expressions. We were not just colleagues; we were a family, in which the problem of one was the problem of everyone. This kind of approach kept us linked and closer and led us to have a great team game.

And is only at the end of this experience, that I can deeply realise the entity of feelings I will bring with me at home. I’m aware of how many special people, who kept part of this project, played also a role in the development of my identity, constantly under construction.