Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Beatrice Fulcheris, I’m a 22 years old Italian girl (from Biella precisely) and I’m at the third and last year of  languages and communication for business and tourism. I am writing this article because today is my last day of internship here at CUMEDIAE and I would like to tell you my wonderful experience.I have to say that at the beginning I wasn’t so excited to the idea of coming to Bruxelles for an internship, I mean not for the internship but for the city, I wasn’t very inspired. Now leaving everything is one of the saddest things I’ve ever done.

When I came here at CUMEDIAE the first day I was a little bit disoriented because I never worked in a foreign country, in an agency that has big things and big projects like CUMEDIAE, but after two or three days with the help of this amazing crew that is CUMEDIAE, I started feeling more conscious and sure of what I was doing. Because at the end of the story every time is like that, even more if is one of your first work experience.

I really enjoyed this internship, since I had some general tasks, like the monitoring of European Projects or the management of Culture Agora, but it was never banal or boring because depending on the day and the projects we had, every day I had also different tasks.

The element I enjoyed the most was taking part to the different events we were invited because I had the opportunity to learn interesting things in a practical way and I had the opportunity also to meet brilliant people. We also had to provide support for communication for a partner during European Development Days and it was amazing, because I was directly in contact with the public and the atmosphere was so rushing and active, but I was really satisfied of what we put together as a team.

Then at the office the atmosphere is very relaxed, of course everyone has his things to do, but there are moments were you can chat, talk and exchange opinion, even listen to music, sing and dance, it happened. The team work of course is very important, as well as communication, because CUMEDIAE can be compared to a car, and every gear has to work well in order to make the car working and to reach the common objectives.

From my internship I’ve improved a lot my languages and drafting skills, I’ve learned how to relate with persons at various levels and how to manage with European Projects. I really suggest this internship to everyone who loves languages, culture, arts, people and relationships!!

Thank you CUMEDIAE for this beautiful experience!!

Beatrice Fulcheris