CUMEDIAE has started a new year with a new partnership. Crowdfunding4culture is an ambitious project which CUMEDIAE will support by providing international visibility through Culture Agora platform.

Thousands of creative professionals and cultural organisations across Europe have used crowdfunding to raise money for their projects. However, research shows that lack of awareness and understanding of crowdfunding are among the main reasons why actors in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) do not make use of this tool. In order to overcome this information gap, Crowdfunding4Culture has been launched with the aim of bringing crowdfunding closer to CCS.

Crowdfunding4Culture is an EU funded project aimed at cultural and creative professionals (freelancers as well as organisations), crowdfunding platforms, backers, as well as local, regional and European policy makers.


Crowdfunding4Culture has the ambition to become a European wide information hub for anyone who wants to learn more about using crowdfunding in the cultural and creative sectors, the different models and platforms, lessons to learn from (un)successful projects and tips and tricks on crowdfunding campaigns.

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Crowdfunding4Culture has also launched four surveys in order to gain in depth insights on motivation and barriers of using crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe.

The four surveys targeting creative professionals and cultural organisations, crowdfunding platforms, backers and policy makers, complemented by extensive research, will help bring the knowledge on crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe to a higher level.

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You can take the survey here:


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