We are delighted to announce that CUMEDIAE, Culture & Media Agency Europe aisbl has become a member of Culture Action Europe, an organization which brings together cultural stakeholders aiming to strengthen the role of arts and culture in Europe.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) is a European network of membership organisations, cultural organisations and individuals dedicated to promote culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development both at a local and European scale. CAE provides customized information and analysis on the European Union, offers cultural actors a space to exchange and elaborate common positions; and develops advocacy actions towards European policymakers. By joining CAE, CUMEDIAE will be able to expand its network and be at the forefront of cultural policy discussion. CUMEDIAE acknowledges this membership as an opportunity for further exploration of the current challenges in cultural sector and as an opportunity for an international collaboration with other CAE members.

We believe that this new step underlines our main objective of supporting collaboration and development within the Creative and Cultural Industries in Europe and beyond. CUMEDIAE participates in projects that reinforce and facilitate the European and international dimension of their projects and activities. One of its main projects is a pan European access-free multilingual wiki platform Culture Agora, dedicated to arts, culture and creative industries. Since the platform facilitates the visibility of online content and offers a free efficient online tool for cultural professionals to identify the content of their interest, we believe it will also be a relevant tool for CAE members.

Read more about CUMEDIAE joining CAE here.