CUMEDIAE (Culture & Media Agency Europe, aisbl), as part of a consortium led by B&S Europe has been awarded a new project to provide Culture Advisory Services to the European Commission (DG DEVCO).  The other partners in the team are GAIA Heritage and Culture Lab.

In line with EU policies and guidelines, the consortium will contribute to the adoption and implementation of appropriate and inclusive culture policies, systems and practices in developing countries, as supported by the EU in line with EU policies and guidelines. The team will support the EC in defining and adapting EU policies on culture in development; will improve the quality of the EU assistance (programs and projects) on culture for development cooperation; and will enhance knowledge sharing, communication and visibility in the culture sector.

This is in line with CUMEDIAE’s vision as a non-profit agency serving the international dimension of creative industries in Europe and beyond. The CUMEDIAE team and its professional network will contribute with its deep understanding of the functioning of the European and global cultural mechanisms; its research skills in analysing media and the creative industries; and its experience in providing consultancy services, project development, strategy and support for funding.