International Colloquium “Culture for the Future” took place in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of June, to promote culture, creativity, innovation and dialogue as key drivers of inclusive development and peace.

CUMEDIAE, represented by Ignasi Guardans, joined 400 experts and professionals from the whole world to explore how cultural and creative sectors contribute to sustainable development and inclusiveness. In particular, Guardans was invited as expert for the session “The challenge of financing cultural and creative industries”.

The event was the occasion to advocate and share ideas on four main topics:

  • Culture and cultural industries: new opportunities for job creation and inclusiveness
  • The challenge of financing
  • Access to markets and mobility of artists
  • Digital revolution: impact and opportunities

This two-day conference will support the cultural dimension of development and international cooperation as a strategic dimension in the policies of the European Union and its Member States as well as to encourage investments from private sector and financial institutions.

These reflections will feed into the Manifesto 2019 – Culture for the Future, that will highlight the role culture can play as an enabler of sustainable development, and that cultural and creative actors need to be further supported to become change-makers.

We really look forward to more opportunities to learn and interchange cultural dialogue from such a high-level profile group of people.