As proud member of CAE Network, on March 21st and 22nd CUMEDIAE took part to the Members Forum 2019.
The event was the occasion to discuss the future developments of the network and on how to maximise impact towards advocacy in the cultural and creative sector.

During the first day he strategy for the next three-years period was examined, and the possibility of regional hubs and thematic working groups was brainstormed. The second day was dedicated to analyze and understand the political developments at an European and international level, and the role of CAE and its activities in community development and building key collaborations, also in the view of the European Parliamentary Elections 2019. Members took part in a policy dialogue with a MEP on the future and expectations over the next Creative Europe Programme, to discuss the current proposal and identify issues that need actions from the sector.

CUMEDIAE joins CAE in advocating for a stronger recognition of the cultural dimension of the European Union and culture’s contribution to Europe and encourages voters to make their voice heard by participating in the European Parliamentary elections. For more information see:  Culture Action Europe EP Elections 2019 Campaign and join CAE for the upcoming Live Online Dialogue with MEP candidates on April 25th.