“Collectivity” has for many individuals and organisations in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) been a fundamental contributor to success. Many of the projects highlighted at the recent b.creative forum in Namur on the 2nd & 3rd November underlined its importance. Whether a project such as African Digital Art, a collective and creative digital space, where digital artists can connect, or Serbian Nova Iskra, the first design hub in Eastern Europe or even Creative United, an organisation providing creative businesses with free advice and access to loans, the collective spirit and connectivity have been central to their successes.

Members of the CUMEDIAE Team, as representatives of the non-profit agency supporting collaboration and connectivity in creative industries were very pleased to attend the launch of Creative Tracks, a new platform connecting existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world. Creative Tracks will foster international and cross sectorial exchanges of experience, improving access of local culture practitioners/artists/creative professionals to networks around the world and allow young creative entrepreneurs to share their concerns and discuss their different needs.

creative tracks platform 1

We believe that Creative Tracks with its networking and matchmaking opportunities have the potential to expand the capacity of the CCIs. Their straight-forward and user-friendly platform is a good first step towards stronger world-wide connections in creative entrepreneurship. However, it is dependent on its users and their activity, so its full potential and sustainability lies in the hands of creative entrepreneurs and organizations themselves.

While our wiki platform Culture Agora shares the same attributes of the exchange, free access and open discussion, it distinguishes in its mission to serve as a loudspeaker of content related to all arts and culture by giving it more international visibility; and as a compass for all individuals and organizations active or interested in creative field to find the relevant content for their specific interests. In this perspective, Culture Agora is a great promotion channel and a large, constantly updated source of information on all creative disciplines, available in different languages. In the spirit of collaboration, Culture Agora has also joined Creative Tracks to connect with other platforms and creative entrepreneurs.

Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration

Culture Agora, as a platform and a meeting place, where cultural organizations and creative individuals from all over Europe and Southern Mediterranean can share their content and connect with other creatives’ activities, is a primary supporter of cross-disciplinarity and cross-cultural collaboration.

Through Culture Agora creative and cultural organizations and individuals can search for project partners, find international funding opportunities, look into examples of best practices in project reports and publications, professionally grow with training and education opportunities, discover interesting events and meetings and last but not least enlarge their team by identifying human resources compatible in creative field.

Whether you would like to share or find the content related to creative industries, visit our platform Culture Agora at: http://www.cultureagora.info/en/home