We are happy to announce that CUMEDIAE, Culture & Media Agency Europe aisbl has become a partner of Culturally, an organization that is devoted to cultivating and provoking ideas for contributing to the implementation of the EU Strategy for international cultural relations among individuals and organizations.

Culturally.eu positions itself as a laboratory for hacking solutions in the field of cultural diplomacy and acts as a provocation group to suggest new ways of delivering cultural relations in a fast-changing world. It focuses the attention of institutions involved in this policy area and brings together national parties to co-create and contribute to the realization of the European strategy for international cultural relations.

Following CUMEDIAE’s mission to provide support for the cultural and creative industries in Europe and beyond we aim to support Culturally in its advocacy and communications work in relation to the Strategy. CUMEDIAE also acknowledges this partnership as an opportunity for further exploration of the current challenges in cultural sector and as an opportunity for expanding its international network.

* On the 24th of March 2017, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Culturally will host a debate titled “Can Culture save Europe?” Co-founder and CEO of CUMEDIAE Ignasi Guardans will participate as a speaker on “Cultural Heritage and/versus public Space” See more about this here.

In advance of this culturally.eu has published a blog post that introduces the topic of the speech. To read the full article, please, follow this link: http://www.culturally.eu/can-culture-save-europe/