My experience as an intern with Cumediae started in early May and ended by the end of July (2019). Since my education is related to the study of languages, the International Society, communication and culture, my tasks were related to all of these topics. I was in charge of the monitoring process (to search for new projects, call for papers and proposals), but also of the creation and writing of the newsletters (for Cumediae and the rest of the projects they are involved with, including the translation of the SouthMed WiA newsletter) and I also manage to upload content and update the Culture Agora website as much as possible, with contents that were relevant and fitting for the categories. I also was in charge of organizing and creating the activities for Interarts’ booth at the EDDs, but also of the general and logistical plan and the materials and other stuff necessary for the event. I also wrote a final report and a guide for future interns about the whole event.

I worked on many things and projects while at Cumediae (probably even some I left out over here…) and, thanks to my colleagues, I always had a good time, learn as much as possible and had someone ready to guide me when I needed to. It was an intense learning experience that definitely adds up to my cv.