In the last couple of months, many citizens and global markets have been unexpectedly affected at different levels by COVID-19. This difficult situation has led several Governments in the EU member states to pass economic stimulus packages to absorb the negative economic impact caused by the crisis. Several of them adopted specific measures addressed to the Culture and Creative Sector.

Within the framework of the Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies (DISCE) project, CUMEDIAE and Trans Europe Halles are organising a webinar series (2 episodes) on the current and immediate state of creative economies in the context of COVID-19 crisis. We will be exploring with CCI´s stakeholders how does COVID-19 affect the creative economies in the EU and how can we thrive through it.

They will take place on May 28th and June 4th. The discussion will bring together DISCE researchers, as well as representatives from Culture Action Europe (CAE) and IETM.

The first webinar, under the title Mapping CCIs and Working Conditions of Creative and Cultural Workforce in the EU: Before, During and After the COVID-19, will involve DISCE researchers from Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) and King’s College London (KCL) on May 28th. This first episode will focus on the definitions and characterization of the CCIs and the working conditions of the creative and cultural workforce in the EU, and the impact of COVID-19 in this context.

The second webinar, (New) Business and Revenue Models in the Creative Economies and Policies for Managing Cultural Ecology: Before, During and After the COVID-19, will be led by DISCE researchers at University of Turku Institute (UTU) and King’s College London (KCL) on June 4th. This second episode will discuss definitions and characterization of the CCIs from the angle of their business and business models, and policies related to it in the light of the COVID-19 situation.

To participate, please register here.