We are now finding ourselves in the middle of the most difficult collective crisis the world has known in many decades. And within this complex environment of suffering, of fear, of personal and collective uncertainty, the cultural and creative sector is in a very special place. Culture and creativity in its multiple expressions are helping millions of people across the planet to go through each new day with the best mood. Culture works are letting spirits to evade the confinement, are bringing joy to children and families, are helping us all in these bizarre times.

And yet, all of us know that the immediate economic and professional future looks cloudy for many of those creating, producing, performing, distributing culture and arts. Public support is more needed than ever before. But it will not suffice. Creativity will need to be applied to the cultural activity itself. The world after the tunnel will be different in many aspects, and the whole cultural sector will have an essential role to play in that transformation.

At CUMEDIAE aisbl we are contributing as we can and as we must. We are happy to be involved, precisely at this time, in a pan-European project dedicated to the analysis of cultural indicators and in support of its sustainability and social impact. We are also happy to be in charge of a great tool, our platform Culture Agora, that more than ever can help in the cross-border sharing of initiatives, projects, and opportunities. We are here to help.

All the best wishes to you all. Be safe. We will overcome this, together.

Ignasi Guardans