CUMEDIAE is excited to announce that its just renovated website has been nominated for the 2020 edition of the .eu Web Awards under the Laurels category! The .eu Web Awards are an online competition designed to acknowledge the most beautiful, innovative, and impactful websites using .eu extensions in five dynamic categories in order to enhance their visibility.

Recently, we renovated from top to bottom our website to improve its user experience. We wanted to make sure that everyone visiting our site could see who we are, what we do, and how to get involved with us at a glance. We opted for a minimalistic aesthetic with powerful, vibrant colours and images to engage our visitors.

We’re now competing to be one of the five winners of the .eu Web Awards competition, which will be determined by the number of votes the nominees receive. And here’s where we need you to give us a hand – only 10 seconds of your time is required! To vote us, simply click the VOTE button on the CUMEDIAE thumbnail on the .eu Web Awards website. Your contribution is fundamental!

CUMEDIAE continues to use any platform made available to provide needed support for projects and initiatives that increase the impact of the creative industries as a way to create jobs and generate social and economic growth, and we will certainly be using this one to continue shining a spotlight on our very important CCI sector! Will you join us in this challenge? Winners will gain visibility for two months on a billboard at Brussels Airport! Sounds good, doesn’t it? So, you’re just one click away to make this happen!

Please vote now 🙂