MANIFEST: New artistic perspectives on memories of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people” is a project that aims to contribute to and enhance the re-imagination of Europe’s collective memory of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people. CUMEDIAE is encouraged by the trust and funding support that the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme has placed in this significant subject, which we imagine can have a tremendous impact on the diversity of artistic communities and around a less traditionally engaged subject matter.

MANIFEST, through a participatory, innovative, and cross-disciplinary approach to artistic creation, offers a new framework to interconnect art with memory and social inclusion. It aspires to provide an updated window to a shared European missing memory. The project will feature a Journey through an artistic residency, as well as provide historical and documentation support about the material and immaterial heritage of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people in a Resources Publication.

In late September 2022, the consortium, formed by Khora, Les Anneaux de la Mémoire, Pro Progressione, Gerador and CUMEDIAE, gathered in Brussels for the MANIFEST Kick-off Event. This two-day event was a great opportunity for the team to meet face-to-face and discuss the project journey. The main agenda of this Kick-Off Event was to finalise the project’s objectives and exchange the plans for enhancing the re-imagination of Europe’s collective memory of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people.


CUMEDIAE hosted the Kick-off event in Brussels. CUMEDIAE’s Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts, welcomed the consortium representatives alongside the Project’s overall coordinator from Khora, Tahir Hussain. CUMEDIAE’s Projects and Communications Manager, Anastasiia Perun, presented the vision for the communication and dissemination of MANIFEST to the consortium.

The CUMEDIAE Team, led by CEO Ignasi Guardans, is grateful for this great start to the project and looks forward to walking on this journey with our partners!

The MANIFEST call for artists has been soft-launched. Read more about the call for artists here.

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