From May 28th to May 29th, 2024, CUMEDIAE had the pleasure of taking part in the Project Butterfly Partners Meeting in Gdańsk. This event brought together the librettists, the creative team, and Consortium members of Project Butterfly, laying the groundwork for an innovative opera production focused on sustainability.

During this immersive two-day experience, the project partners engaged in dynamic presentation sessions aimed at fostering environmentally-friendly practices within the realm of theatre and opera production. The Meeting also served as an opportunity to implement sustainable practices in the creation of the new Opera. Highlights included the integration of immersive and interactive projections, the use of 3D costume design, and conducting online rehearsals, all geared towards minimising the environmental footprint in opera production.

On May 29th, the collaboration continued at the European Solidarity Centre, an evocative venue that provided a fitting backdrop for sharing insights on sustainability in theatres and audience engagement. A key outcome of these discussions was the development of the Audience Development Guide, a comprehensive exploration of the current relationship between opera audiences and sustainability initiatives.

CUMEDIAE’s Projects and Communications Manager Constantin van Grevenstein aptly summarised the spirit of the event:

“It is always fascinating to see a project come together. Gdańsk and Opera Baltycka provided the perfect backdrop for the consortium and creative team to meet for the first time. Witnessing all the stakeholders, united by music and the desire to make a difference, drafting the future of opera was an exciting experience. We are all eager to see how Project Butterfly will contribute to a more sustainable future in the performing arts and look forward to the performances.”

The Butterfly Partners Meeting not only underscored the importance of sustainable practices in the arts but also demonstrated how collaboration and innovation can lead to a greener future for opera production. As Project Butterfly progresses, it promises to be a beacon of sustainability in the performing arts, inspiring others to follow in its footsteps. CUMEDIAE will continue to support this ongoing process, engaging with people and organisations related to opera as well as with people and organisations that are interested and committed to sustainability.

Stay tuned on Project Butterfly’s official channels to discover more about the upcoming events!