CUMEDIAE is thrilled to share with you that one of our ongoing projects, Parallel Traces, has been extended! Our journey of rediscovering Jewish Heritage around Europe will continue until 2021.

Parallel Traces is a cross-cutting, collaborative, pan-European project that offers a renewed look at the significance of Jewish heritage today. It aims to rediscover traces of Jewish cultural heritage in urban architecture as an integral part of European history and to raise awareness and respect amongst different cultures through different mechanisms.

Since its launch in 2018, Parallel Traces continues to uphold its goal to raise awareness about the European Jewish Heritage as an integral part of European history through different mechanisms: contests, exhibitions, call for artists, offline and online communication activities, and the development of their own app!

The past few months may have been challenging, but Parallel Traces was able to adjust, rethink, and create new ways to promote Jewish Heritage all around Europe in the time of the pandemic. #MyParallelTraces campaign was launched in April, collecting digital postcards of Jewish Heritage sites from interested individuals just by filling in a form with a short description and a personal reflection about the site.

We invite you to actively participate and share your vision on Jewish heritage! Check out the Parallel Traces site to get to know our activities.