On the 22 October ’20 Culture Action Europe hosted a consultation session to collectively shape the Manifesto for a Modern Cultural Policy, developed by fellow CAE member KEA European Affairs. CUMEDIAE, understanding the need to have cross-sectional input and collaboration in the cultural and creative sector, joined the virtual event.

The meeting was a great opportunity to refine and challenge current approaches to cultural policy-making. Indeed, since culture acts as a tool of innovation and behavioural change through the creation of new lifestyles and sustainable development paradigms, it is important to work collaboratively to define and update new methods able to convey and disseminate the crucial role played by culture in economic development, job creation, promoting democracy, social justice and solidarity, fostering cohesion, fighting social exclusion, poverty and generational and demographic disparities.

Stefanie, CUMEDIAE’s Director of Strategy and Projects, who attended the event, said: “The event supported the sharing of knowledge, the pooling of resources and efforts to champion the major policy challenges faced by the Cultural and Creative Sector in Europe and beyond. It was an opportunity to integrate aspects of CUMEDIAE’s interactions with key voices in the industry, including aspects of questions raised in the Policy Brief recently produced by DISCE (Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies)”.