In an atmosphere of inspiration and collaboration, MANIFEST talented artists embarked on a journey to Lisbon from October 16th to 25th.

This event, organised in collaboration with our partner Gerador, was an immersive experience within art and its relation with history. Following the main steps, the journey included a discussion with DJASS-ASSOCIAÇÃO de Afrodescendentes, addressing the relationship between art and memory, aligning with the group’s subsequent exploration of Lisbon’s historical pathways linked to the transatlantic enslaved people trade. Another critical aspect of the residency was a roundtable organised in collaboration with Les Anneaux de la Mémoire. Chaired by Dr Vânia Gala and Patricia Beauchamp Afadé, with Evalina Dias, Alissandra Cummins, Ibrahima Seck and Barbara Chiron, the debate delved into the theme of “Arts and the Re-imagination of Europe’s Collective Memory of the Transatlantic Trade of Enslaved People.” As the centrepiece of this stay, the artistic showcase, where diverse audiences engaged with our great artists’ creations, marking a powerful exploration of history and creative expression in shaping collective memory.

CUMEDIAE is deeply involved into fostering social and cultural impact, supporting artistic initiatives, and inviting the public to contemplate the enduring legacies of colonialism and its effects on society today. To have more details, take a look at MANIFEST website, and check the social media platforms to discover more content about this great event.