After ten intense and fulfilling days, the first stage of the Artistic Journey of MANIFEST in Budapest came to an end! The artists from the 12 selected projects have had the opportunity to present the concepts of their future artworks and work closely with the project’s partners, fostering meaningful connections that will shape their artistic endeavours. 

The residency started with captivating lectures from Les Anneaux de la Mémoire and Pro Progressione, where the artists delved into thought-provoking topics about the history of the transatlantic trade and its impact on the society, artists identities with Borsos Lőrinc, memory, politics, monuments and public art projects with József Mélyi and green artistic practices. They also attended consultations by Khora and Gerador that offered fresh AR/VR and audiovisual production demonstrations. CUMEDIAE shared its expertise about the dissemination and distribution of their artworks.

Stefanie Thomas, Director of Strategy and Projects, shared her impressions of CUMEDIAE’s consultations with the artists: 

“Meeting the artists of the MANIFEST project has been simply inspirational. Each idea has taken shape and truly embodies the challenge of reclaiming narratives, reimagining memories and building new futures around the under discussed topic of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people in Europe’s present.” 

To know more about the MANIFEST Artistic Journey and to follow the work in progress of the artists, visit MANIFEST’s social media platforms.