ECHO Academy is excited to announce the upcoming Capacity Building Activities (CBA) training, designed to empower artists or cultural and creative sector (CCS) professionals with new tools and knowledge. It is free and accessible to everyone!

When: The online sessions kick off tomorrow at 10 AM via Zoom, with a series of daily sessions.

How to Join: Zoom link. No registration fees, no barriers. 

At ECHO Academy, they believe in the power of knowledge sharing and capacity building. They are confident that the content they are offering will greatly benefit you and your network, so we encourage you to share this opportunity far and wide. The more individuals we can reach, the stronger our collective skills and understanding will become.


Course Description:

The five-day Capacity Building Activities (CBA) training is divided into five themes, each focusing on crucial aspects of career development for artists and CCS professionals:

  •  Project-Based Work/Project Management: Learn how to manage and execute successful projects in a competitive market.
  • Communication: Enhance your communication skills to effectively convey your artistic vision and ideas.
  • Career Development: Gain insights into strategies for advancing your career and achieving your professional goals.
  • Partnerships: Explore the nuances between collaboration and partnership and understand what it takes to form successful alliances.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Protect your creative work and understand the legal aspects of the art and culture industry.


Each day, there will be both international online sessions and national on-site workshop sessions tailored to specific national contexts. This approach ensures that you receive the knowledge and skills that are most relevant to your interests and needs.


Day One Highlights:

Topic: Partnership

Speakers: Brigitta Kovács and Gergely Talló from Műhely Foundation


On the first day, Brigitta Kovács and Gergely Talló from Műhely Foundation will be the guest speakers. They bring a wealth of experience in partnership-based work, both in local and international contexts. Brigitta and Gergely will discuss the methods and formats used in successful collaborations and partnerships. They will also delve into the subtleties that differentiate collaboration from partnership, offering valuable insights on how to create meaningful and productive partnerships.

In the following weeks, you can look forward to more engaging sessions on the remaining four themes, each featuring experienced speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

This is the Zoom link to access the schedule for the rest of the week and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the informative sessions.