CUMEDIAE’s new Projects and Communication Manager, Constantin van Grevenstein, embarked on a compelling journey to Budapest, where he engaged with the ECHO Academy. The photography and architecture focused residency brought together 10 artists from 7 different countries, all with a shared mission of exploring and celebrating the industrial heritage of Hungary’s capital.

Constantin brings a new perspective to the team, holding a master’s degree in “New Media and Society in Europe” and possessing a deep-rooted passion for culture. With a diverse background in project and communication management within the cultural sector and non-governmental organisations, he joined CUMEDIAE’s dynamic team in June.

Group sessions to delve deeper into the ECHO Academy project

Group sessions to delve deeper into the ECHO Academy project


During this visit, CUMEDIAE fulfilled its commitment to facilitating the artists’ connections with the market and supporting their pilot projects. Following an insightful online presentation on the marketability of artistic endeavors and an introduction to our extensive database of opportunities, Constantin’s presence allowed for personal interactions with the resident artists. These one-on-one sessions enabled him to delve deeper into their projects and tailor his assistance to their unique needs.

Reflecting on his inaugural international professional experience at our agency, Constantin shared his sentiments: “Meeting the artists and witnessing their creative processes as part of the ECHO Academy project was truly extraordinary. I felt lucky to talk to these talented individuals and to have the opportunity to help them expand their visibility.There’s a unique satisfaction in witnessing projects you’ve worked on coming to life and making a significant impact on the cultural industry. I am genuinely enthusiastic about further contributing to CUMEDIAE’s efforts and eagerly anticipate the evolution of all our projects.”

The one-on-one sessions focused on the artists' projects and their unique needs.

The one-on-one sessions focused on the artists’ projects and their unique needs.

In conclusion, Constantin’s engagement with the ECHO Academy project encapsulates the essence of CUMEDIAE’s mission-to bridge the gap between talented artists and their potential impact on the cultural industry. As we continue to forge connections and support creative projects, we are excited to witness the enduring influence of these collaborations on the cultural landscape.