Do you know who Karagiozis is? He is a beloved character from Greek and Turkish culture, renowned for his comedic roles in traditional shadow puppet theater. This endearing figure embodies the spirit of the downtrodden and neglected, yet he never ceases to fight for a better life.

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Through Black Eyes Comic Book Anthology

On July 10th, we’re excited to announce that ECHO Academies initiative partner organisation Inter Alia is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Through Black Eyes comics anthology. One year ago, Inter Alia invited ten talented European artists to Athens to collaborate on the first-ever comic book anthology inspired by Shadow Puppet Theatre. The comics book draws from both contemporary life and the rich folk traditions of Karagiozis, resulting in a poignant piece of art that addresses a wide range of social issues.

The comic book will debut on Kickstarter on July 10th, along with exclusive merchandise and surprise rewards. For those who back the campaign within the first 48 hours, a special 25% discount awaits. Subscribe to the Inter Alia newsletter and stay updated by following InterAlia on Instagram and Facebook for more information about the comic and the campaign.

About ECHO Academies

ECHO Academies is an arts initiative dedicated to nurturing young and emerging European talents in comics, fashion design, music, photography, and architecture. By drawing inspiration from cultural heritage, this project builds on previous ECHO endeavours to enhance visibility, networking, employability, and market opportunities for new artists.

The project aims to:

  • Cultivate resilience in young artists
  • Provide training to improve employability
  • Create networks between artists and the art market
  • Promote artists internationally

ECHO Academies targets new artists from various European countries, professionals in the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS), and micro organisations seeking to develop cross-national partnerships and income-generating projects. Join us in celebrating and supporting the young talents emerging from Europe, for example through the Through Black Eyes comics book anthology, and the broader ECHO Academies initiative.