CUMEDIAE aisbl and the DISCE team are proud to announce that the DISCE Regional Case Study reports are finally online! 

Following months of intense research undertaken by researchers of the DISCE Consortium coming from  University of TurkuKing’s College LondonGran Sasso Science Institute, and Stockholm School of Economics, ten new Regional Case Study reports have been published on DISCE’s official website.

These Case Study reports include well developed analysis to make you gain insights about Creative Economies in a number of  Key European Regions. They deal with a selection of ten EU cities that have been studied and monitored in regards to existing academic and policy documentation related to the development, support, and administration of their Creative Economies. In full compliance with the DISCE main values and objectives, these studies aim to understand and explain how existing creative economies can be supported in the enhancement of their inclusivity and sustainability

As members of the DISCE Consortium, both CUMEDIAE and Trans Europe Halle have been involved in stakeholders’ engagement and dissemination efforts.

Who is responsible for Creative Economy Policy in Chatham, Liepāja or Dundee? What are the challenges and opportunities for the creative economy in Enschede, Lund, Pori or Treviso? How can creative education strengthen Leuven, L’Aquila or Pécs creative clusters? Find the answers to these and many other questions by reading these interesting insights about the ten targeted European Cultural and Creative Industries. Click on the following links and check out the publications! 

Regional Case Study – Chatham, England, The United Kingdom
Regional Case Study – Dundee, Scotland, The United Kingdom
Regional Case Study – Enschede, The Netherlands 
Regional Case Study – Leuven, Belgium
Regional Case Study – Liepāja, Latvia
Regional Case Study – Lund, Sweden
Regional Case Study – L’Aquila, Italy
Regional Case Study – Pécs, Hungary
Regional Case Study – Pori, Finland
Regional Case Study – Treviso, Italy 

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