Cumediae supports European Heritage Days! As an organisation that values the positive impact of cultural and creative industries, we advocate and promote projects that embrace the same vision as ours.

European Heritage Days are observed annually in September throughout Europe. It was launched by the Council of Europe in 1985 and was supported by the European Union in 1999. The initiative that is very much celebrated across the continent aims to highlight the richness and cultural diversity of Europe. Correspondingly, each year, cultural institutions open their doors to the public for people to discover and appreciate the treasures and cultures all around Europe for free.

One of Cumediae’s ongoing projects focuses on the valorisation of European heritage. Our very own Parallel Traces is a cross-cutting, collaborative, pan-European project that offers a renewed look at the significance of Jewish heritage today. This project aims to rediscover traces of Jewish cultural heritage in urban architecture as an integral part of European history and to raise awareness and respect amongst different cultures through different mechanisms.

Our #MyParallelTraces campaign, a digital gallery with Jewish urban sites in them, was launched in the midst of the pandemic, collecting dozens of beautiful pictures and reflections capturing the essence of our project.

We invite you to actively participate and share your vision on Jewish heritage! Check out our Parrallel Traces site to get to know our activities.