On 23 November 2022, the CUMEDIAE team co-hosted the Measuring CCS online Final Event on Zoom and Youtube. In this following blog post, you will gain insights into the behind-the-scenes of the event from an intern’s perspective:

My name is Mary and I have been an intern for CUMEDIAE for around three months. During this event, my main task was to manage the Youtube Livestream. For this reason, I would like to share my main takeaways from this experience.

  1. Good preparation is half of the success. Most of the work done was spent prior to the Final event itself. Together with the CUMEDIAE team, we ran through multiple technical tests to prepare the speakers for the event and troubleshoot technical issues.
  2. Stay alert. Although we were well prepared, unpredictable problems (even on the day of) occurred. In these cases, you need to be able to do risk management and to stay focused. Having a calm mind and a solid team helped combat these tense situations.
  3. Small acts can be of significance. In this event filled with cultural leaders and policymakers, I am grateful to have been a small instrument for this meaningful project.

This experience enabled me to work on my hard and soft skills, which I will take with me in my future career.

If you are interested in the CUMEDIAE internship programme, please find more information on the website or email us via info@culture-media.eu.