The creative industries are special industries in that they exist between different worlds: the world of those with the passion of creativity; and on the other, the world of those with some knowledge about funding, management and the legal framework“.

These words were shared by CUMEDIAE’s CEO and Co-Funder Ignasi Guardans in a recent interview with magazine ArtDependence. Alongside Director of Strategy and Project, Stefanie Thomas, the organisation’s work and projects were highlighted, with special reference to the global pandemic impact. Art Dependence is an international magazine covering latest happenings in the art world spheres, featuring art news and highlighting interviews with organisations, artists, galleries, collectors, and individuals in the arts industry. 

The discussion mainly focused on the organization’s insights about culture and creative industries which are greatly hit by the current health crisis. 

Stefanie Thomas highlighted the importance of cultural and creative industries starting with the positive economic impact they are generating in  Europe. And yet again, even in the midst of the most difficult and unprecedented health crisis that the world is facing now, cultural and creative industries are finding themselves in a special position. Thomas reiterates that CUMEDIAE is contributing as much as it must and it is getting involved in pan-European project dedicated to the analysis of cultural indicators and in support of its sustainability and social impact.

“The world after the tunnel will be different in many aspects, and the whole cultural sector will have an essential role to play in that transformation.” 

Culture Agora, the organisation’s flagship project was highlighted, together with the organisation’s other current large scale projects such as DISCE – Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies and Parallel Traces. Thomas explained how the organisation is recalibrating and rethinking its strategies to adapt to the current situation.

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