On December 3rd we had the chance to learn more about cultural and creative industries evolution, challenges and strategies in the conference organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts in Argentina on the occasion of Ventana Sur.

CEO and co-funder of CUMEDIAE, Ignasi Guardians, participated among other great panelists such as Lucrecia Cardoso, Secretary of Cultural Development in the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, and Marina Núñez Bespalova, Undersecretary for Cultural Development in the Ministry of Culture of Mexico.

Ignasi Guardians explained the change taking over cultural industries -made clearer with the pandemic- through a very interesting analogy: an “ecosystem” where different “species” co-exist and need each other.  These species are not only creators but the ones who manage them which, usually, tend to be divided. That is why developing state policies is fundamental to facilitate this interaction, to improve the training of management and provide funding to this industry which should also be considered as economic.

If you miss it, you can watch the full conference down below.