What to expect from CUMEDIAE?

As an intern about to leave I would like to share how grateful I am for this learning opportunity and how meaningful it was to me.

There is no doubt about the fact that I achieved new milestones and improved my skills by being part of the CUMEDIAE team.

When you work in an international and multicultural environment you start improving your communication aptitude and of course your English. Moreover, you feel totally immersed in the team, the projects, and the ongoing challenges. Therefore, for me it meant that I got a direct insight into the “real stuff” and grew professionally.

Some of the things that are worth mentioning are the level of responsibility you take once you join the agency and the multidisciplinary tasks that you bring into your daily work. This provides the possibility of expanding your baggage of knowledge and gives you the ability to apply your know-how in a practical way. Some of the tasks might require a learning process, but you will always have a supportive and organized team to lead you through that.

To conclude, my experience at CUMEDIAE allowed me to better understand the field I am interested in, and discover at the same time new ambitions and passions.