In a continuous effort to proactively manage the digital transformations of the cultural sector, on April 8th CUMEDIAE’s Head of Strategy and Projects Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts participated to the first meeting of the Action Group on Digital and AI organized by CAE and MCA.

The Action Group was created to identify sector-specific needsand advocate for strong digital policies, safeguarding the working conditions of artists amid increasing digitisation and AI processes. As the cultural ecosystem is a crucial component of a shared digital future, CAE and MCA propose actions that position the sector in an empowered role to contribute to a more human-centred approach to digital policies.

With this vision in mind, the Action Group is conducting needs-analysis surveys while outlining policy recommendations and joint statements in order to put in place a comprehensive bottom-up advocacy strategy for the organisations involved in CAE and MCA.

As we are looking forward to part 2, here there are some considerations on the impact that the adoption of the Artificial Intelligence Act could have on the cultural sector.

Stay tuned!