On the 15th and 16th of June CUMEDIAE hosted partners and stakeholders in Brussels for the Digi Training Final Showcase and I was right in the midst of it all. In the following you will be able to learn about my experiences of the event days and our main takeaways. 


Allow me to introduce myself shortly. I am Malte, 22 years old, I have been working at CUMEDIAE as an Intern for around five months now. In the past few years I have been living in many different countries and cultures and chose to apply at CUMEDIAE because of its very international team and the sector in which we operate.


On the event day, the entire team was present on location and got to meet the partners we have been working with online for months. It was a very lovely experience to chat with them and get to know them on a more personal level. A great opportunity to expand one’s personal network! The tasks I carried out varied from sharing insights from the event on social media to handling the behind the scenes considerations of the broadcast.


After all was done we went for dinner with everyone involved and spent a great evening of chatting, laughter and a little bit of wine. Overall, I had a great but exhausting time. Full of learning experiences and fun! Below you will find some pics from the day.


For more information on an internship at CUMEDIAE drop us an email:  info@culture-media.eu