Welcome to your new Cultural and Creative Industries ‘Home’ CUMEDIAE

Welcome to CUMEDIAE’s updated website www.culture-media.eu. CUMEDIAE, short for Culture and Media Agency Europe AISBL, continues to support collaboration within the creative industries in Europe and beyond as a non-profit agency based in Brussels, Belgium. Our management team has a mission that embraces the potential of the ‘collective’ in enhancing the capacity and the impact of projects and initiatives globally. Our professional network has tentacles not only in mainstream European cultural powerbases, but also in some of the most fascinating regions of the world. The capacity to develop a highly capable, internationally located collaborative team is one of CUMEDIAE’s strengths, as well as the professionalism and dependability we have become known for.

The future of CUMEDIAE rests well on the vision of its founders and promoters, who have tasked management to impact the culture and creative industries by providing support in various forms, including through the internationalization of projects. I believe that this is an exciting time to be a part of this movement as the world needs more than ever to solve problems creatively. The cultural and creative industries continue to be a key source of innovation and capacity development for Europe’s economy as well as for the Global economy more generally. Take a look around our site to discover more about who we are, what we do and how you can get involved.


Stefanie Thomas
Head of Strategy and Projects